St. Anthony's Episcopal Church
174 St. Anthony Drive
Winder, GA 30680
(770) 867-5633


In order to make it more efficient for our friends and congregation to make gifts to our various funds, including recurring pledges & special collections, giving can be easily made by clicking either the link above. This will be available permanently going forward as a more efficient way for gifts to be accepted. We encourage you to use the recurring option for your pledge donations. This will eliminate the need to write a check and mail it, sign in each week to submit a gift, or bring it to church. There is a drop down menu from which a choice can be made to donate to the General Fund (pledges), Inreach, Outreach, Flower, and Vicar's Discretionary Funds.

If you wish, you may create your own account from within the donation link to set up your preferred method of payment and from which you can track your donations and speed up your donation process without having to enter the information each time. However, rest assured, no matter how you choose to donate, we will continue to track all activity and provide a quarterly statement. The back office reporting function of the new online system will make it easier to provide this information.

There is a charge of 2.9% of the dollar amount plus a flat fee of $0.30 for each distinct credit card or Google Pay donation. There is a charge of 1% of the dollar amount plus a flat fee of $.30 for each distinct direct checking account debit. You will have the option to cover those fees on our behalf should you choose to do so. A $100 donation would have a total fee of approximately $3.30 for a credit donation and $1.30 for a direct debit donation. It would be beneficial if weekly pledges could be converted to monthly to avoid the $0.30 fee per donation.