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Five Smooth Stones

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A Triennial United Thank Offering Grant

The first John Hines Social Justice Award has been given to the United Thank Offering Grant titled "Five Smooth Stones."


"Five Smooth Stones" is a film created by St. Anthony's Episcopal Church in Winder, Georgia; Diocese of Atlanta.  The film was created to address the issue of bullying; an issue frequently in the news and that effects all of us.

Here is the description of the film from the producers: "Bullying is a major current societal problem wherever children are present. This film is by children, for children. It is to be used primarily as a tool for children, educators, religious, administrators, group leaders, etc. to learn and understand how, where and why bullying takes place and to create an awareness of the various situations that can lead to this type of abuse."

The grant funding will be used to fund the initial publishing of the film on bullying...and its companion Facilitator/Study Guide, for distribution...for the purpose of anti-bullying education.

There has long been a desire to celebrate the powerful memory of the Women of the Church supporting Presiding Bishop John Hines request that the United Thank Offering support his initiative titled "The General Convention Special Programs of 1967."  In that year, the women changed their grant focus for the 1967-1968 granting seasons, and gave the entire UTO offering to the Presiding Bishop's proposal to address the critical issues of Social Justice facing the United States during the years of Civil Rights struggles—a total of $3,000.000.00.  

As a result of receivng the grant, Five Smooth Stones is available at no charge to qualifying organizations. All we ask is that you include $5.00 to cover shipping and handling. For your free copy, please contact St. Anthony's on your organization's letterhead. 


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