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COVID-19 Resource Page

During this time of physical separation I am acutely aware of how much our weekly worship means to me. I am grateful for our technical skills to communicate via the internet,but there is no substitute for worshiping together in our lovely sanctuary. There is no adequate substitute for the word whispered in another's ear, or the touch of a friend's hand or the smile of welcome that greets one as he or she slips into a pew. There is no adequate substitute for making one's way to the altar rail and having that small piece of bread laid on one's outstretched hand.

Having said that, I want you to know that you are remembered by name in my daily prayers. I keep a Parish Roster beside me and concentrate or at least a half dozen names each day. I try to visualize each face and even where one usually sits. I encourage you to likewise pray for me and each other. I commend to you our Book of Common Prayer. I happened to open mine to the Great Litany this morning and I commend it to you...especially that recurring plea, "Good Lord deliver us!"

Please keep me informed of any needs that arise and share the joys that keep you going. Be assured that Easter is a state of being and not simply a Sunday in the Church Year.

Father Don